Fox’s Charles Gasparino Sparks Controversy, Claims XRP Community “Hates” ETH


There appears to be a subtle ongoing competition between XRP and ETH, according to Gasparino’s recent tweet, in which he stated that he finds it absurd that the XRP community despises everything related to Ethereum. 

Charles Gasparino is a journalist, author, and commentator who has covered Wall Street and financial markets for over two decades. He is currently a senior correspondent for Fox Business Network and a frequent commentator on financial news programs. His recent comment has sparked controversy in the crypto space. Let’s see why. 

Gasparino’s Comment Garners Attention 

According to Charles Gasparino, the XRP community hates anything connected to Ethereum. The journalist who tweeted about this yesterday called the notion of hostility absurd because everyone he knows who is connected to Ethereum wants Ripple to win the case against the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

This is the second time in recent months that the journalist has defended Ethereum by seeming to attack XRP. Less than two weeks ago, the FOX Business correspondent debunked allegations that Bill Hinman, a former director of the Securities and Exchange Commission, had a conflict of interest prior to making the contentious statement that Ethereum is not a security in his 2018 address. He claimed that by continuing to promote this narrative, the XRP community is behaving like conspiracy theorists and little children.

XRP Community reacts 

The XRP community has responded in a frenzy to Gasparino’s remarks. Gasparino’s assertion that the whole XRP community despises everything associated with Ethereum was disputed by Crypto Eri, a well-known XRP influencer, who pointed out that some XRP community members also possess ETH. Instead, the influencer claimed that people in the community are angry because of the SEC and some Ethereum founders’ conduct. She also claimed that Gasparino appears to be under influence.

Mr. Huber questioned the journalist’s research skills, presenting texts and clips from many times when Ethereum founders defended the SEC case against Ripple.

Some have thrown jabs in response to Gasparino, at the Ethereum network’s shortcomings. Specifically pointing out the gas it takes to run it. 

The XRP price is $0.39, with a total market capitalization of $38,531,265,865.03 and Ethereum price today is $1,544.69 USD with a market capitalization of $189,029,128,931 USD. 

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