How the Bohemian fashion trend became so popular in the last 2 centuries?

Although Bohemian fashion is a trend nowadays, it is not a new type of clothing

trend but if we look back in the past, we will come to know that the Bohemian style was adopted back in the 19th Century where people were not too much rich and didn’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive clothing. For over 200 years, the Bohemian clothing style is accepted as a fashion trend among many people. Today, people also call this trend “Boho Chic Style” which is kind of a short form of Bohemian Style. The fact that this clothing style is being continued for the last 200 years, we can say that the common phrase, HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, is true for the Bohemian Style. Those people who started adopting this fashion trend don’t exist today but they were able to make this trend so much popular among people and colonies of that time that people nowadays use to adopt this trend as a global fashion style. Today, the Bohemian Fashion Style is one of the most common fashion trends adopted by many people, celebrities, and elite peoples.


While the question that, Of where did the Bohemian style originate?, is being discussed a lot, many people believe that the bohemian style was adopted by people and rulers after the French Revolution when they were driven into poverty and were forced to wear old and torn clothes. This became a trend afterward and people were used to adopting this style of clothing and the rest is history.

Many people also believe that the Bohemian style was first adopted by the Bohemians which were the people of the Czech Republic’s region “Bohemia”. These people wanted to adopt a lifestyle that was different from the outer world and the clothing style would be different from the mainstream. This resulted in the origin of the Bohemian style clothing which continued for years and is still in use.

The Bohemian style today is not the same copy of the old bohemian style but the trend seems to be a famous and well-adapted one. People nowadays adopt this fashion trend with some changes from the past. Many new accessories have been added to this style from the past which gives this Bohemian style a type of elite clothing style but common people also adopt this fashion style today. Bohemian style has many accessories in it among which some are the most common ones which are a below:


Loose clothing:

The Bohemian clothing style is most often recognized by loose clothing. In the past, when people were not too rich and didn’t have enough money to buy fashioned clothes, they started wearing loose clothes which gave them ease in living in two ways. The first one being relaxation and easiness in daily life works and the second one as the fashion trend. They wanted to adopt a clothing style different from the outer world and thus, they adopted a loose clothing style in this trend. Bohemian fashion style is nowadays also adopted with loose clothing and people use to wear simple but loose clothes which give them a good sense of clothing and at the same time, the fashion trend is also fulfilled. In the Bohemian clothing style, the outer garments are preferred more than the inner garments. As this trend was originated in the world where people didn’t have money to spend on garments, the Bohemian clothing style was decorated with outer garments which gave them a fashioned look, and also, they looked different from the outer world. Today, people use to wear inner garments in the Bohemian style but it is because time has changed and this style has also brought many changes in it.


Layered jewelry:

The Bohemian style was also decorated with layered jewelry which gave this look a fascinating look and the layered jewelry also gave a better combination with loose clothes. People in the past used to wear jewelry which was a common thing at that time. In the 20th Century, when people were able to afford jewelry and ornaments, they started adding this feature in the Bohemian style and thus, the Bohemian style became more than a trend and many elite people, rulers, and celebrities started adopting this trend and thus, the Bohemian style became popular throughout the world. Layered jewelry was not much expensive as was also different from normal gold jewelry and thus, it was added as an accessory in the bohemian fashion style.


Scarves are a common accessory nowadays but they were also a part of Bohemian style clothing. Back in the past, when the Bohemian style was newly adopted, the scarves were an essential part of this clothing style. The scarves gave an attractive look to this Bohemian style and people adopted this accessory in this trend as an essential part. Scarves are just a simple long piece of cloth that was rounded around the head. Scarves are also a part of his fashion trend nowadays and it gives this fashion style a captivating look. Scarves are common wearing nowadays where people use to wear scarves more often with normal clothes. Bohemian clothing style is decorated with scarves to give it an attractive and different look from other trends.


Casual shoes:

The Bohemian fashion style is decorated with casual shoes which, along with loose clothes, scarves, and layered jewelry, gives an excellent look to anyone who adopts this style. Casual shoes were also a common wearing in the past when this style was newly adopted, but nowadays the casual shoes are commonly worn by people all around the world and this is also an essential accessory in the Bohemian style.

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