How to Get the Classic Windows 10 Start menu in Windows 11 Windows Tips & How-tos

Press the Start/Stop Recording button to start and stop a recording. Use the Turn Microphone On/Off button to toggle microphone if you wish. Feature a video editor to edit captured videos as well as imported videos. To stop recording, you can either press the stop button in the right corner of the menu bar at the top of the screen or press Command + Control + Esc. The Camtasia video capture interface is straightforward and no-nonsense.

Finding out if you’re running 32-bit or 64-bit Windows isn’t difficult, though, and there are multiple ways for you to do so. In this article, let’s look at four of the most simple and easy ways to determine which version of Windows is running on your PC. Download a preview of the incoming release with the most updated features and bugfixes. Active development of the Arduino software is hosted by GitHub. Latest release source code archives are available here.

Let’s perform some adjustments/customization with Time and Date widgets to make it more useful. The third custom widget is a shortcut of an application. I don’t know how much useful this would be instead of using desktop shortcuts. I’m not going to use short cut of the application widgets yet. The first one is the Custom widgets to show the current Date.

What are the hardware requirements for Windows 11?

It is unnecessary to capture the entire screen of your device when you can record the exact portion of the screen related to the required content. Name your video source in the Create/Select window. Enter a name for your screen record source under Create new, and click OK to save it. This option will allow you to record and save a video of your own screen.You’ll be prompted to name your Display Capture source in a new pop-up window. The Sources box is located in the lower-left corner of the app window. It will open a pop-up menu of available video and audio sources.

  • Windows 11 outperforms its predecessors in nearly every important category, including speed, security, compatibility, and so on.
  • Click the Apple menu and select System Preferences.
  • This feature was one of the defining issues in the U.S.

Windows 11 introduces new interfaces in almost every area of the desktop experience, and that includes the Start menu. Start has been a staple part of the Windows user experience for decades, so it’s always a big deal when it changes significantly, as it has on Windows 11. Now, this isn’t a “Windows 8-level” change, but it’s still going to take some getting used to. Windows 11 has a brand new out-of-box experience, which walks you through setup. Gone is the old Cortana-driven installer, and in its place is a clean and simplistic design that takes you through setting up Windows 11 with ease. That said, Microsoft has made some policy changes here that you need to know about.

Changing the boot process forces the computer to look for the Windows installation disc before booting from the hard drive. Run Windows Update to download and install available updates including software, hardware and third-party drivers. As soon as you press the key, your system will boot into Windows. Now you can install any unsigned driver you wish. After installing, restart your system, and the Driver Signature Enforcement will be automatically enabled from the next reboot. First, you must boot from installation media and choose the Custom option in Setup.

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Click the ‘+’ arrow and then selectDisplay Capture. At any point you can click theStop button to stop recording, or you can press Windows Key + Alt + R again to stop it. In this article, we’ll be focusing on recording via the Windows 10 Game Bar and recording via OBS Broadcaster. If you’d like to get a video recorded as quickly as possible, we’d suggest choosing the Windows 10 Game Bar.

How to use or assign hotkeys or shortcuts to rotate your screen

When it turns back on, the Windows 10 installation prompts will appear, enabling you to finish installing and setting up the machine with a fresh copy of the older operating system. Microsoft goes into more detail about what a fresh Windows 10 installation means, including the impact it may have on certain software licenses. Microsoft has released Windows 11, and while its public reception is much better than that of, for example, Windows Vista, certain design changes have proven controversial. The design changes aside, the latest version of Windows may not run well on every machine, as well, leaving some users to regret the upgrade. The good news is that Windows 11 isn’t permanent and, if necessary, it’s possible to downgrade back to Windows 10.

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