Polygon Hard Fork By Next Week, Here Is What To Expect


It was in the last month that the Polygon Governance Team had invited the community on their platform to discuss the changes in the Polygon PoS chain. Now the latest updates come with the network planning to launch its hard fork by next week confirmed through Polygon’s official blog post.

As per the post, the hard fork is expected to be launched on January 17 which aims to limit the increasing gas fee along with address chain reorganization which is called as reorgs.

Polygon Hard Fork Aims To Reduce Gas Fee

Polygon, which runs on a proof-of-stake mechanism, has comparatively lower gas fee than Ethereum. However, Polygon network often experiences a reduced network speed when the activity over the network increases. Firstly, as mentioned above the hard fork intends to reduce gas fee surges which happens when the network experiences increased activity on the chain. 

Next is the address chain reorganization which takes place when a validator node receives information which creates a new version of blockchain. Even though this new version is temporary, it creates difficulty in verifying the success of a transaction

To solve the reorgs issue Polygon aims to bring down the time it takes to finalize a block in order to verify successful transactions. For this the network uses sprint length which reduces block to 64 to 16 where a block producer can create block in just 32 seconds when compared to earlier 128 seconds.

Hence, all the nod operators on the Polygon network will have to upgrade their nodes before January 17. However, Polygon’s MATIC holders are not required to make any move.

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