Shiba Inu Lead Dev Sends Bullish Message to SHIB Community


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Yuri Molchan

Kusama shares bullish take on future of Shibarium


The lead developer of Shibarium, famous under alias Shytoshi Kusama on social media, has taken to Twitter to send a bullish message to his army of followers.

In particular, he spoke about Shibarium and its future, as he sees it.

Thriving “during harshest winters”

The pseudonymous developer tweeted an allegory, comparing Shibarium to a pine tree that can survive even the most difficult winter, unlike other trees, hinting that its capabilities to survive are enourmous.

It still needs the support of devs and to be utilized by users: “Still, it needs water, sunlight and proper soil.”

As reported by U.Today, the Shibarum team had earlier announced that the launch of a Shibarium beta version had been approved.

“Very soon” — Kusama on Shibarium launch

The dev team also shared the concepts that underlie Layer 2 protocol Shibarium. In particular, it will provide faster transactions, allow for increasing their amount and bring costs down tremendously.

Introduction to Shibarium: Shiba Inu’s Layer 2 Network — Rejoice #ShibArmy! Shibarium Beta is about to be launched, and through this article we want to introduce some basic concepts in order to provide clarity to the community.

Shibarium will also have so-called Delegators — persons who will set up staking contracts on the network. These contracts will perform the functions of a reward system.

Over the past year, Shytoshi Kusama has been frequently tweeting that Shibarium will be launched “very soon.” By Dec. 31, he tweeted that he was “putting a nice bow on it” along with the Unification team, who are busy building Shibarium together with Kusama and his developers.

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