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It provide Top 10 Muslim fashion styles and brands

Being a Muslim does not mean there are any restrictions to fashion or style. it is not forbidden to do so especially in the case of women. If the fashion is aligned with boundaries, then there is no restriction. Women can join fashion parades without any restriction. Are you looking to know about the top 10 Muslim brands and fashion styles all over the world if yes? then you are in right place.

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10: Diana Kotb Muslim brands

Diana Kotb is an Australian brand. The brand caters the Muslim women in the fashion parade and produces modest dressing. The design is elegant and carefully decorated for modest looking. The design is very attractive and graceful and gives a modern looking.


9: Here

Here is a Malaysian fashion brand founded by Raja Nadia Sabrina. Raja Nadia Sabrina was inspired by nature. She works on aesthetically sustainable fashion styles and modular styles. Here is a modest fashion brand that is comfortable, embellished, graceful. The brand is creative and offering multiple style expressions.



8: Aab collection

Aab brand starts working in 2007. Now widely spread and worn by women all over the globe. Aab collection brand focuses on simplicity and graceful design. The brand caters to Muslim women in that modern era.  The brand is simple and elegant. It is a modest fashion brand. It depends on how women do the style and look in a different style.



7: Amira Couture

Amirah Couture is a modest fashion brand. The brand is embellished, graceful, stylish, modest-looking, and elegant. Amirah couture brand satisfies the customers with new designs and styles of Abayas. Amira couture Abayas line includes casual, formal, and bridal Abaya.



6: Ria Miranda Muslim brands

Ria Miranda is an Indonesian Muslim brand. The brand not only focuses on the new styles and designs. The brand is adding elements in the dress line that cover the entire body. Ria Miranda brand starts working with pastel colors. Due to pastel color, it is a popular brand. The brand is elegant, graceful, and stylish. Women’s looking modest when wearing this brand design.



 5: Madeena by Mizz Nina

Madeena is an urban fashion brand and created by a Malaysian musician and fashion designer. Many brands are working on hijab styles only Madeena by Mizz Nina provides the best urban and chic clothing. The brand is elegant and beautiful looking. The brand has modesty barriers because it is an urban wear brand.  Mizz Nina created the Madeena brand to provide clothes that are urban, street, and trendy. Madeena creates modest choices for hijabs, jubbahs, and blouses for Muslims all over the globe.



4: Haute Hijab

Haute Hijab was founded in 2010. They provide high-quality and modern hijab. Haute Hijab is a fashion and lifestyle brand for Muslim women which provides the modest hijab. The brand has a beautiful pashmina hijab along with dresses and skirts. The brand looks like a modern brand. The brand is elegant, beautiful, graceful, and give the modest-looking.


3: Artizara Muslim brands

Artizara is a huge brand that modestly has a trusted name. Artizara brand provides clothing for men, women, and children. Artizara brand starts work in 2002.  Artizara is not only a home decoration it looks like a modern fashion. The brand is showing beautiful designs inspired by global Muslim culture. Artizara brand is providing elegant, graceful, and embellished designs to customers.




2: Inayah

Inayah is a Muslim fashion brand that provides Inayah for women. Inayah is a craze brand that has a massive following. From abayas to maxis, trousers, and tops Inayah brand provides Inayah for a woman. The brand provides clothes with graceful, elegant, beautiful looking fashion and style. Inayah provides cloth that is comfortable and maintaining cultural and religious norms. Inaya brand clothes were easily available at a low price. The brand has a good quality cloth design.



1: Shukr

Shukr is a Muslim brand that started in 2001. Its available clothes for both males and females. The brand provides decorative, elegant, and graceful dresses. Shukr brand provides comfortable designs by maintaining cultural and religious norms. Shukr was the first brand to provide modest clothing which met the cultural needs of new generation Muslims living in the west. Shukr brand serves people of all religions that encourage them with a modest dress with beautiful style and fashion.

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