Trillions of SHIB Wired as Shiba Inu Becomes Most Traded Token for Whales


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SHIB whale has transferred astounding sum in this meme coin, while SHIB reached new milestone

As shared by Whale Alert cryptocurrency tracking service, which usually published the details of large crypto transactions via its Twitter handle, about 20 hours ago, an unknown wallet shoveled over 3.3 trillion Shiba Inu to a brand new wallet.

3.3 trillion SHIB on the move

The total of 3,323,256,285,484 Shiba Inu that was moved landed in an empty address, thus, one may say that a new Shiba Inu whale has emerged, holding $30,458,751 in the equivalent of the leading meme token.

Since the time at which the transfer took place, the price of this chunk of SHIB has increased by roughly one million USD.

Over the past week, Whale Alert has reported several lumps of Shiba Inu equal in size to the one mentioned above, which were moved to empty wallets from those with unregistered owners.

Binance shifts 12.6 trillion SHIB

Usually, sums of crypto as big as above are shoveled by crypto exchanges, either internally or as part of staking activities among each other. However, sometimes whales also begin to redistribute their crypto riches.

As reported by U.Today earlier this week, Binance trading giant transferred 4,000,000,000,000 Shiba Inu to the ShibaSwap DEX for staking. That lump of meme coins was worth a little more than $36.2 million.

Prior to that, it unstaked an amount that was several times bigger – 12,661,395,600,288 SHIB coins, 4 trillion of which were later on restaked.

SHIB becomes most-traded asset

WhaleStats on-chain data tracker focused mainly on wallets, particular chains and tokens, has spread the word about Shiba Inu yet again rising as the most-traded crypto asset for the 100 largest whales on Ethereum chain.

SHIB at the moment is also the 10th largest coin by trading volume and one of the most-purchased crypto assets for the above mentioned whales.

As for the place of SHIB on the top 10 holdings list, the meme coin is in last place here. Overall, the biggest Ethereum whales are now storing $50,794,729 worth of SHIB in their wallets. This is 2.24% of their comprised portfolio.

Image by WhaleStats

SHIB now taken by manifold merchants

As U.Today reported earlier, crypto payments processing company CoinGate has partnered with SaaS platform Wix. Now, the latter will allow merchants who work in several countries of Europe to accept payments in cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu. Therefore, the adoption and utility of SHIB is now expanding in the EU.

Overall, around 70 coins will be accepted by them, including the flagship crypto Bitcoin, as well as the most widely used fiat currencies: USD, EUR and GBP.

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